I hear you...

Those thoughts that you keep coming back to, the ones in the back of your head that tell you...

"It will take me years to get my business to where I want it to be."

"I feel so burned out charging hourly."

"What if I can't reach the goals I set?"

"If I do raise my prices, where will I even find clients that want to work with me?"

You want to grow your business, reach your goals, and make an even bigger impact with the work that you do.


You're working hard doing all of the things while trying to grow this business you love and believe in.

You want to work less and make more. You’re tired of $300 here and $100 there that are barely worth the time it takes you to send the invoice.

You’re ready for those four-figure clients who can help you reach those income goals, and give you some breathing room while you work on building your business.

I know because I just went through this exact same thing.

Are You Ready To Pivot?



You're a Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistant, or Online Service Provider looking to learn a highly sought after skill

You're balancing your business, family, and everything else and it's all becoming overwhelming

You're burnt out creating content

You're tired of keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms, keeping track of analytics, engagement, and hashtag research

Charging hourly and hitting your cap with the number of clients you can maintain


Brittany Pearson

Virtual Assistant 


"Carolyn helped me learn how to be successful in my business on social media. She helped me realize the importance of engaging with my audience and posting relatable content that speaks to my audience on social media."

Apply for the Confidence with Campaigns Coaching Program

Pay monthly or in full ($1,500) - let's scale your business with Facebook and Instagram Ads Management

Pay Monthly


For 3 Months

  • Where to find Facebook Ad Clients
  • How to identify the right clients and establish your niche
  • How to structure your business with this premium service
  • How to pivot from SMM or VA to offering ads
  • How to price your services
  • Coaching calls every other week
  • 3-Month Unlimited Voxer Access
  • Video trainings on Facebook Ad basics to advanced Including:
  • Backend set-up
  • How to set up effective ads
  • How to write ad copy
  • How to create eye-catching ads
  • Establishing objectives
  • Ad spend
  • Reading analytics & reporting
  • Troubleshooting ads
  • Facebook changes and updates

and more! 


This 3-month, 1:1 program gives you everything you need to learn to run ads for new and current clients, compliments your current offering, and will bring you to the next level in your business.


I will walk with you, step-by-step, and show you all that I’ve learned over the last 8 years (mistakes too so you can avoid them) and help you build a thriving business!


Work with me and get...

Monthly 1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching via zoom calls 2x's per month where I help you find high-quality Facebook ads clients and show you how to set your business up for success

Access to Trainings

Lifetime access to trainings you can refer back to at your convenience and updated how-to videos as Facebook and Instagram change

Ad Strategy & Creative Audits

Full support for finding clients, booking discovery calls and feedback on your ads and strategy for your clients

Unlimited Voxer Access

Full Voxer access to me throughout the three months, ask your questions about ads, business, clients and more 

I (unknowingly) started my business back in August 2019 when I was faced with having to go back to my 9-5 after having my first little girl. I was DREADING leaving her for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I knew for years that I was meant to pursue another path, but this was the final push I needed to make my dreams a reality.

I refused to be a mom who only got to spend 4 hours a day with my child, missing all of her firsts, while someone else raised her.

I refused to be stuck in a 9-5 cycle pursuing someone else's dreams.

Most of all - I knew I was called to do and create more.

So, I started my business working to help local clients grow their social media through organic and paid strategies. And the rest is history.

Now, I have a passion for helping Social Media Managers and VA's who are stuck in the same cycle I was, who know they can achieve more!

After 9 months of working 2 jobs, being a mama, a wife, and nursing full time, I finally made the switch.

From taking on $100 jobs here and $300 jobs there, accepting every client that would hire me, and doing hours of content creation, to pivoting, niching down, and offering a specialty service that allowed me to charge premium packages and run campaigns that get my clients results. 

And I want to show you how to do the same!

Giovanna Bernardo 

Social Media Strategist Binghamton University 

"The info Carolyn provided was super helpful and I've been working in social media for a few years already."

Umberto Putrino

PR Strategist Rollings Funeral Homes 


"I have a background in social media/communications but Carolyn's breadth of knowledge when it comes to social media marketing helped to further my understanding of how to effectively use social for business."

Ryan Joy

Owner Minutes to Bell Time

"If you need someone knowledgeable to help you get things done in social media, definitely reach out to Carolyn."

The freedom you crave is within reach

Learn this specialty skill and grow your business so you can finally say so long to being the "jack of all trades" and hello to more freedom.