I am a Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategist & Coach.

I help business owners grow their business with Facebook and Instagram Ads.


Hey, I'm Carolyn!

Facebook and Instagram Ads Coach for Social Media Managers and Virtual Assistants!

I (unknowingly) started my business back in August 2019 when I was faced with having to go back to my 9-5 after having my first little girl. I was DREADING leaving her for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

That's when I knew I was MADE to pursue another path...

I refused to be a mom who only got to spend 4 hours a day with my child, missing all of her firsts, while someone else raised her.

I refused to be stuck pursuing someone else's dreams.

Most of all - I knew I was called to do and create more in my life with the 7 years of digital marketing experience that I had but wasn't putting to use in my current job.

So, I started freelancing, helping local clients grow their social media through organic and paid strategies.

In January 2020 I knew I needed to level up...

My business and focus on showing my client's their results - that's when I switched my offering to only paid ads with Facebook and Instagram.

Within 3 months, I had more clients than I knew what to do with and a whole lot of work after work.

So, after 9 months of working 2 jobs (5 if you count being a mama, wife, and nursing full-time) doing hours of content creation to paid ads, charging hourly to charging premium packages, I finally doubled my income and handed in my resignation letter.

Since then, I've been running my business, BellaSocial, and helping my clients see success through Facebook and Instagram Ads.

One of the biggest reasons I chose to launch BellaSocal (named after my first little girl, beautiful Ella) is so I can show her (and her sister) that they don't have to choose between being a mom and having a career that they love, they can have both.

So, whether you need done-for-you ads services or you want to learn how to run ads let's chat!

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